Jelly Roll Tube Maker by The Gypsy Quilter

The Gypsy Quilters Jelly Roll Tube Maker speeds up your jellyroll projects by forming the batting and fabric easily. Save time and keep your hands from cramping. You'll get more consistent results, easily. Make jellyroll rugs, bowls, bags and more.
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    For all you Jelly Roll fans, this is new into our shop and its selling like mad!

    The Jellyroll Tube Maker by The Gypsy Quilter

    This 'Tube Maker' is a strong, sturdy and durable tool and is 'sew' easy to use!
    The tube maker makes it easy to sew your Jelly Roll projects by doing the folding work for you!

    By forming the fold perfectly and holding the fabric in the correct position, you save up to a third of time constructing your jelly roll rug and you get a more accurate and precise fold, so you avoid the "cupping" that can creep into jelly roll rug projects.

    (If you're of a certain age, you may know that hands can tend to get a little cramp-y doing this kind of work. This tube maker will ease the sometimes tedious or painful folding process and its ease of use will come as a welcome relief!)


    Material : Plastic & Metal

    SKU : TGQ024

    Brand : The Gypsy Quilter

    Condition : New

    Product Code : TGQ024

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