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Can Sewing Improve Your Mental Health?

Can Sewing Improve Your Mental Health?

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Today it’s #timetotalk about mental illness and break the stigma behind it. Mental health problems can affect anyone and that’s including us or you. It can happen to the very best of us so that’s why it’s so important to take care of your mental wellbeing. It’s especially important to keep talking about it as no one should ever feel ashamed of saying they’re suffering. We wanted to put together a list of reasons why we think sewing is a good way of looking after yourself. Because you deserve it.

handmade cushion

We thought this was the perfect opportunity to celebrate some of the projects that our lovely ladies have completed.

 Take Some Time Out For Yourself

We are constantly rushed off of our feet. Cooking the kids tea, making phone calls, meeting deadlines at work etc…The list is endless of things we should be doing. But how many times a week do you take some time out for yourself and really enjoy what you’re doing? Sewing is a great opportunity for you to take some out of the day or week for YOU. It’s really important to enjoy time on your own. We have to make sure we take time out for ourselves because if we keep going then we will eventually burn out.

debbie shore caravan

Switching Off From The Outside World

How many times a day do you check your phone? It’s a regular habit for some and can have a negative effect on our mental health. We are constantly connected. Often mindlessly scrolling through Facebook not even properly reading what’s on our feeds. This gives us no purpose. Disconnect for a few hours and immerse yourself into some total relaxation. With sewing you have a purpose as there is always an end goal for you to achieve. 

friday class

Achieving An End Goal

Have you ever completed something (doesn’t have to be sewing related) and felt an enormous amount of pride in what you’ve done? Well you can achieve that same feeling with sewing. You are always sewing to finish something, to reach an end result. It’s especially good for boosting our self-esteem! You are able to learn a new skill, constantly improving and developing what you already know. We know from the faces on our ladies faces in class that they are enormously proud of something they have hand crafted on their own. 

rabbit wall hanging

Be Mindful Of What You’re Doing

You’ve probably heard of mindfulness as it’s been a trend in self help over the last couple of years. If you don’t know then we’ll tell you! Mindfulness is all about being completely aware of what you’re doing, being present in the moment and using all your senses to make the most of your day. Like what we said earlier, we mindlessly go through our day to day routines. Not giving a second thought as to what we’re doing. Once you start sewing, it’s hard not to concentrate because you have to go through the motions step by step. Unless you want to do a bad job of a project then there’s no cutting corners with sewing. You are only able to do one thing at a time so really make the most of your time being creative. You are completely in the moment and able to switch off from every day worries. 

laptop bag

Stimulate Your Brain

Whilst sewing, it’s hard to do a good job if your brain isn’t switched on. You have constant concentration on your project. You’re thinking about what you’re doing, rather than stressing over your day or something that is playing on your mind. It has been proven that whilst learning, you get a sense of satisfaction and look at life with optimism. This way you are able to get the most out of life than if you were monotonously going through your every day life like it’s on repeat. Again, you have a sense of purpose. 

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